In commodity logistics transportation, with the widespread application of vertical plastic pallets instead of traditional pallet handling in logistics transportation, palletless shipping of goods is becoming increasingly important and helps to optimize the utilization of warehouses and containers. 

 The cost of using HDPE plastic slip sheets in conjunction with specialized handling tools such as push pull is much lower than that of traditional pallets. With the implementation of the new FAO ISPM 15 (Guidelines for the Management of Wood Packaging Materials in International Trade) standard on a global scale, some countries such as Europe, America, and Japan have strict requirements for wood packaging export materials such as wooden pallets, which require multiple quarantine procedures, which are cumbersome and costly. The use of vertical plastic sliding pallets can avoid these problems, greatly reducing the simplification of storage, transportation, and loading and unloading procedures, Omit all the tedious fumigation quarantine and inspection procedures, reduce packaging costs, and accelerate export customs clearance. 

 The vertical plastic sliding pallet requires a forklift with a push-pull device during use, and there is no need for pallets for transportation and storage. It is very suitable for export enterprises' container shipping and internal turnover transportation of large group companies. This system has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan due to its unparalleled standardization, space saving, low-carbon environmental protection, and low cost. It has been adopted by some large domestic enterprises for commodity transportation and export container loading.