erformance of paper skateboards: Generally, the bearing capacity of paper skateboards is around 1500 kilograms. That is to say, after placing 1500 kilograms of goods on the paper slide and using a push-pull device for loading and unloading, the paper slide reaches the critical point of tearing.

The characteristics of paper skateboards: 

  1. The appearance is like a piece of paper, which can better utilize the space of containers and transportation vehicles.

 2. The weight is light, the volume is small, and it can save shipping costs. 

3. The storage space is very small, with 1000 sliding pallets=1 cubic meter.

 4. There is no need for turnover, so there is no turnover cost.

 5. There is no need for material recycling. 6. There is no need for repair and no loss. 7. There is no need for management or circulation control.

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