1、 What is the use of container inflatable bags

The container inflatable bag is a transportation protection tool, which is made of kraft paper covered with PP and PE as a tough outer bag and an inner bag with high air tightness, and assembled with an air valve. The inner bag is made of five layers of arch agent film dominated by PP or PE. There are two main functions of container inflatable bags:

1. Fully fill the gap between goods, support the weight of goods caused by shaking, absorb vibration, and protect goods from damage during transportation.

2. The use of container inflatable bags can save packaging time, reduce transportation costs, and save transportation and storage costs; When used correctly, the container inflatable bag can be reused, which is environmentally friendly and durable.

2、 How to inflate the container inflatable bag

The container bag inflatable bag is generally placed between the goods in the container and supports the goods after it is inflated. The specific inflation method is as follows:

1. Measure the gap between goods, the overall height of goods stacking, the depth of pallet or the depth of goods packaging size, and select the container inflatable bag with appropriate size and material.

2. Insert the container inflatable bag into the interior of the product or the gap to be filled in the container, and inflate with air compressor, air pump, air pump and other inflation tools aligned with the inflation nozzle. The inflation rate can be set according to the demand.

3. After filling, take out the inflation tool. Due to the air pressure, the container inflation bag will be automatically sealed, so that the whole inflation bag is inflated.

When it is necessary to deflate after transportation, use the straw inflation nozzle to stretch into the bottom of the container inflation bag, and then slowly squeeze and fill the air bag by hand, and the gas will slowly release.

3、 Precautions for the use of container inflatable bags

1. In normal use, if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.), corrugated cardboard or other flat plates should be added to both sides of the inflatable bag to effectively protect the inflatable bag from being punctured.

2. Please do not use inflatable bags between the goods and the container door to avoid injury when opening the container door.

3. Please be sure to tighten the air valve before use to avoid air leakage and affect the transportation of goods.