Kraft paper inflatable bag container inflatable bag container filled air bag is currently used in many marine transportation processes

Container inflatable bags can be divided into four materials: kraft paper inflatable bags, PP inflatable bags, inflatable bags and PVC inflatable bags. Container inflatable bags have many product features, such as easy operation, pressure resistance, wear resistance, neat printing and more security.

The inflatable bag is composed of inner bag, outer bag, air valve, cotton thread and kraft paper hot melt adhesive.

1). Inner bag: the material is divided into PE and Pa. our company adopts PA material, and the nine layer coextrusion film contains 20% nylon.

PA nylon: high resistance diaphragm, no air leakage.

Polyethylene: good air permeability, with obvious air leakage within 30 days.

2) The structure of the inner membrane.

3) The outer bag is generally calculated by tensile strength and gram weight, regardless of its thickness.

To sum up, kraft paper inflatable bags are one kind of container inflatable bags. Customers can choose the materials they want as filling packaging.