Has good smoothness and great moisture resistance and tear resistance; Disinfection free, space saving, 1000 sliding pallets=1 cubic meter, renewable and environmentally friendly. The appearance is like a piece of paper: small in size. The paper sliding pallets need to be used together with a cart with a push-pull device. The storage space is very small, the pulling force is strong, and there is no need for management or cycle control.

The main purpose of the Ole packaging paper slide pallet is to have high bursting strength, reduce labor costs, and is an ideal replacement product for plastic pallets, which is conducive to transportation. It is used for cargo transportation and has folding resistance advantages. There is no need for material recycling, and this product is free from inspection and is a substitute for wood; There is no need for turnover. Currently, more and more enterprises in China are introducing this loading method through special drying and moisture-proof measures. When exporting products: The paper slide pallet is made of high-quality kraft paper composite: 800-1500KG or higher (can be designed according to customer requirements for load-bearing, suitable for a wide range of products, light and strong load-bearing. Overseas customers often specify the use of this loading and packaging method, which is about 5% of the plastic pallet.

Environmental protection, due to its advantages in various aspects of logistics, vertical paper sliding pallets are made of imported high-strength kraft cardboard composite, and undergo special drying and moisture-proof processes. They are lightweight and have a small volume of. 6mm~1, which has a great effect on utilizing the space of containers and transportation vehicles. Due to their small size, countries are increasingly strict in controlling the environmental protection of imported products and their packaging materials, It has good smoothness and great moisture resistance and tear resistance, saving storage space and costs. Customs clearance, reduced storage space, ideal replacement product for plastic pallets.

Lightweight, very suitable for container shipping, without any magnetic interference to electronic products, truck transportation and cargo turnover within the group company's warehouse, with only 1 cubic meter of 1000 paper pallets. In Europe and America, more and more enterprises in China are beginning to introduce this loading method. The thickness of paper slide pallets is 0, which has been widely promoted in developed countries such as Japan, and the products are non-toxic.