The cargo space is filled with the thickness of the inflatable bag! First of all, what is the width of the cargo space to be filled? Then select according to the cargo height!

In fact, there is a knack to choose the size of the inflatable bag. The suitable filling width of the inflatable bag is (kraft paper inflatable bag width/2-5CM). For example, for an inflatable bag with a width of 50CM (50/2-5=20CM), its maximum filling gap width is 20CM (that is, the gap width you need to fill can be used only if it does not exceed 20CM)!

The height of the inflatable bag shall be selected according to the height of the cargo. The height of the inflatable bag after inflation will be about 10cm lower. It is recommended that the height of the inflatable bag should not exceed the height of the cargo, for example, the cargo gap is 20cm and the height is 1m. Then you can choose 50 * 100CM inflatable bag! If the cargo gap is still 20cm and the cargo height is 1.2m, you need to choose 60 * 120cm inflatable bag!

At present, the specifications of the popular inflatable bags are: 50 * 100CM/60 * 120CM/80 * 120CM/80 * 160CM/100 * 120CM/100 * 180CM/100 * 200CM/100 * 240CM/120 * 180CM/120 * 240CM