The inflatable bag can be used for freezing, because the gas will not expand cold, so it will not burst, and it is very safe.

    The most common cause of cargo damage during transportation is the packaging damage caused by the collision between the front and back or the left and right cargoes during transportation. The container inflatable bag has a one-way check valve, which is safe, air tight, fast and tight, and can withstand the pressure of more than seven tons.

Note when using inflatable bags:

1. Do not use the outer box with nails when packing products to avoid puncture.

2. When using the inflator to inflate, adjust the parameters to avoid air bag rupture or insufficient gas caused by too high or too low pressure.

3. It is required that the working environment is clean, and it is not allowed to drag and grind the air vane on the ground.

4. Avoid using sharp tools to prevent piercing during use.

5. If the packed articles have edges and corners, it is recommended to wrap them with gourd film and fill the box with bubble pillow to ensure that the packed articles are well protected.

6. Avoid damage caused by sunlight during storage.

7. If the packaged product is corrosive, the container shall be sealed.

8. Avoid direct contact with high-temperature products and articles.