what is a slip sheet forklift?

The pusher puller is a tool used to carry goods placed on the sliding plate, and to achieve efficient and low maintenance handling and stacking operations.

Features of pusher and puller

1. The overall structure of the push-pull device has a wide field of vision, which is flexible and easy to operate.

2. Load and unload the goods without pallet, and use low-cost sliding pallet to solve the storage space of pallet.

3. The alloy fork plate is durable, smooth and smooth, which can avoid damage to goods at the contact part of the sliding plate during operation.

4. Use highly simple hydraulic components with reasonable configuration to ensure good hydraulic protection and long service life.

5. The whole material is made of high-strength alloy.

6 When the forklift operates on the wooden pallet, it is only necessary to close the pull plate, which can be used directly. The pusher puller does not need to be removed.

The models listed above are common product types, and other appropriate product models can be provided according to the requirements of different brands of forklift trucks and special working conditions

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