Slip sheet: It is actually used to replace pallets, that is, it is equivalent to all kinds of pallets. Therefore, according to its role, we can interpret it as "sliding tray" or "sliding pallet", and "sheet" means "thin paper, lining board". The reason for adding "slip" is mainly to emphasize the difference between it and other types of pallets (specific differences will be analyzed below).

It is also translated as "sliding plate" or "sliding plate", mainly because of the method used. The normal pallet is put into the pallet foot by forklift; The slip sheet is operated by a forklift equipped with a push-pull device. The correct way to use the push-pull device is to grasp the push-pull edge of the slip sheet and drive the forklift forward. However, there are also cases where the forklift is stationary after grasping the push-pull edge and directly drag the slip sheet and the goods on it. So it is not strange that there is a word "Tuo" in its name.

In addition to the above main common translations, there are other translations: skateboard paper, slide tray, etc.


According to the material, there are two kinds: plastic slip sheet and paper (Kraft) slip sheet, namely plastic slip sheet and paper (kraft paper) slip sheet. Plastic skid plates are mostly used for warehouse turnover or repeated use; Paper slide carrier is mostly used for one-time delivery.

According to the sliding edge, there are sliding trays on one side, sliding trays on both sides, and sliding trays on four sides. The two sides are standard, the other side is commonly used for shipment, and the four sides are commonly used for warehouse turnover or repeated use.


The use of slip sheets can improve the loading rate of containers and the security of the packing process, saving $120 per 20 containers. When inexperienced workers find that there is not enough space in the process of packing, they often put the remaining goods into the container without considering the damage of the goods. If paper pallet is used, the total capacity of the goods will be calculated before packing, so that the above situation can be avoided. The paper pallet is only used in the "buyer's consolidation" of multiple shippers and one consignee. It is made of cardboard. When packing, the goods are stacked on the paper pallet. After the goods are wrapped and sheathed, they are lifted into the container with a forklift with a pusher. The unloading is also very convenient and fast. Because some European and American countries have strict requirements for wood packaging export materials such as wooden pallets, which need to go through multiple quarantine procedures, it is cumbersome and costly. Using paper pallet can avoid these problems, save time and cost, and improve the loading rate of containers. The height of the wooden pallet is 4 inches, while using paper pallet instead can save 4 inches of space. The internal volume of a container is 28 cubic meters, and the use of paper pallet can save about 3 to 4 cubic meters of space in total, which is about 10% of the entire container space. In this way, the cost of 20 cabinets can be saved about 120 dollars. In addition, if the destination warehouse also uses a forklift with a pusher and puller, the goods loaded on the sliding pallet will be easier to unload.