Compared with steel pallet and wood pallet, plastic pallet has many advantages, such as light weight, stability, beauty, good integrity, no nails, no thorns, tasteless, non-toxic, acid resistant, alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to wash and disinfect, non rotten, non combustion supporting, no electrostatic spark, recyclable, etc. Its service life is 5 to 7 times that of wood pallet. It is an important tool for modern transportation, packaging, and storage, and is internationally specified for food, aquatic products, medicine, chemicals Warehouse and other necessary storage equipment for enterprises. However, due to the high cost, it is not widely used. The obvious advantages of metal pallet are strong load-bearing capacity, firm structure and not easy to damage; The disadvantage is also obvious, that is, it is heavy and easy to rust. Paper pallet Paper pallet is becoming the focus of attention due to its advantages of harmlessness, environmental protection, low price and strong load-bearing energy. Common paper trays are as follows: Abbe paper tray: tray made of kraft paper as basic raw material Honeycomb paper tray: tray made of honeycomb paper as basic raw material Corrugated paper tray: tray made of corrugated paper as basic raw material Sliding tray: tray made of high-quality kraft paper as basic raw material. Flat pallets are classified according to their structure. The flat pallet is almost a synonym for the pallet. As long as the pallet is mentioned, it generally refers to the flat pallet, because the flat pallet has the widest range of use, the largest number of uses, and the best versatility. The flat tray can be subdivided into three types, which are classified according to the table top. There are four types: single side, single side, double side and airfoil; It is classified according to the fork lift way. There are three kinds of one-way fork in type, two-way fork in type and four-way fork in type. Classification according to material. There are five kinds of wooden flat pallet, steel flat pallet, plastic flat pallet, composite flat pallet and paper pallet. According to the physical properties, it can be divided into anti-static, surface resistance value 10 to the 9th power, conductive, surface resistance value 10 to the 6th power, insulating, surface resistance value 10 to the 12th power or above. It can be divided according to its weight and use mode. Light tray (disk): also known as "flat tray", refers to the use of small disks or dishes, drinks, tableware, etc. in service. Because the goods in the tray are relatively light, usually 2~5kg, it is called "light tray". It is also called "chest support" because the plate is held flat in front of the chest, which is applicable to zero, banquet and cocktail party. Heavy tray (disc, square tray): also known as "high tray", it is mainly used to consign dishes, drinks, clean up tableware or dishes. Because the weight in the tray is heavy, usually 10-20kg, it is called "heavy trust"; It is also called "shoulder support" because the plate is held over the shoulder. Heavy pallets are used for large and medium-sized trays, with a capacity of 3 times that of the request. They are often used for banquet dishes, large-scale dishes, etc., and are suitable for banquets and restaurants.