The thickness of the paper slide plate is between 0.6mm and 1.5mm, which has a great effect on the use of the space of containers and transport vehicles. Light weight, small size, recyclable, can effectively save freight and reduce storage space Pallet transport and storage can be done without pallets, which is very suitable for container shipping, truck transport and cargo turnover in the warehouse of the group company Paper slide support has been used in many different industries, and suitable products are very wide

Eight highlights:

Material: the paper slide board is made of high quality kraft paper, which has good moisture resistance and strong tear resistance

Environmental protection: the main materials used in the vertical direction are imported beef cards, and the glue and auxiliary materials are all made of environmental protection materials The product is non-toxic and low in heavy metals. It meets the environmental protection standards exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries, and can be 100% recycled

Economy: the cost is about 20% of wood tray and paper tray, and about 5% of plastic tray The single slide plate is only about 1mm, and the 1000 paper slide plates are only 1m3. Therefore, the space of containers and transport vehicles can be better used, effectively reducing the overall volume and weight of goods, improving the loading rate and saving freight

Customs clearance: in recent years, countries have increasingly strictly controlled the environmental protection of imported products and their packaging materials, especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Fumigation certificates are required for ordinary wooden pallets used in export goods. Fumigation certificates are not required for environmentally-friendly paper sliding pallets, which are export inspection free items. Import and export customs clearance operations are simplified

Load bearing: the paper slide board is made of high strength imported kraft paper, which is light and load - bearing With advanced manufacturing technology, the paper slide plate can bear a greater load: 800 ~ 1500kg or higher (can be designed according to customer requirements)

Antimagnetism: paper, water-soluble glue as raw materials, no metal nail chips, no magnetic interference to electronic products

Light weight: about 1 mm thick. Compared with wooden pallets and plastic pallets, it is light in weight and small in volume. It saves storage space and costs

Size: we can design and produce more customized and satisfactory products according to different loading requirements and product specifications