Slipsheet is a kind of shock-absorbing sheet that is inserted between the products and the package to protect the products from damage during transportation. It is made of light-weight material, usually corrugated cardboard or foam, and is commonly used in packaging and logistics operations to ensure the safe arrival of goods at the destination. The slipsheet acts as a buffer to absorb external forces, such as vibrations, shocks, and impacts, that may occur during transportation. It reduces the potential for damage to the products and ensures their safe arrival at the destination. Slipsheets are commonly used for fragile or delicate items that require additional protection during transportation. They are inserted into the transport packaging, usually between the layers of cardboard or Styrofoam, to provide added protection and support for the products. In summary, a slipsheet is a light-weight shock-absorbing sheet that is used to protect products during transportation. It absorbs external forces and reduces the potential for damage, ensuring the safe arrival of the products at the destination.