A slip sheet puller is a device used to assist in the handling and moving of slip sheets during the transportation of goods. These pullers are typically designed to grip the slip sheet and provide a mechanical advantage for handling and lifting the sheets. Slip sheet pullers are used in logistics and shipping operations to simplify the process of loading and unloading slip sheets from transport vehicles. They allow for efficient handling of the sheets, reducing the physical effort required and minimizing the potential for injury. The pullers are typically equipped with a lifting mechanism that allows for easy insertion and removal of the slip sheets from the transport vehicle. This mechanism provides added stability and support for the slip sheet during handling, preventing tipping or shifting during movement. The use of slip sheet pullers also helps to improve safety in the shipping process by reducing the amount of manual lifting required. This reduces the potential for back injuries and other lifting-related injuries, providing a safer work environment for logistics and shipping personnel. Overall, slip sheet pullers are an essential tool for logistics and shipping operations, simplifying the handling and movement of slip sheets during transportation and improving safety in the shipping process.