Kraft Dunnage Bags are a type of protective packaging used to secure and protect goods during transportation. These bags are made from kraft paper, a strong and durable paper material, and are designed to provide a protective layer between the goods and the transport container. Kraft Dunnage Bags are typically filled with a lightweight material, such as polystyrene or polyethylene, to provide additional protection and support for the goods. The bags are sealed shut using a heat-sealing mechanism, ensuring that the contents remain securely in place during transportation. These bags are commonly used in the shipping and logistics industry to protect and secure fragile or sensitive goods during transportation. They are also used to fill voids and provide added support for the goods within the transport container, reducing the potential for damage or shifting. Kraft Dunnage Bags provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for protecting goods during transportation, ensuring that they arrive safely and in good condition.