Now many enterprises like to use sliding support plate to replace the traditional wooden or plastic card board. The reason why it can be quickly favored by people is that it is light, environmentally friendly and cheap. Although it can solve the problem of non environmental protection of space, it can not meet the use needs if it is not operated correctly in use. So what should we pay attention to when using this product?


    In order to prolong the service life of the product, be sure to avoid direct sunlight. You should know that the product is very easy to become brittle when exposed to the sun, which undoubtedly accelerates the aging of the product. Therefore, when using the product, users should pay attention to protective measures to avoid sun and night dew.

In addition, do not leave some sharp or fragmented items on the product. Although it looks insignificant, it is easy to affect the use experience. At the same time, the existence of these fragmentary sharp items is easy to scratch or abrade the products in practical application, which undoubtedly increases the replacement cost to users. Therefore, users must ensure its cleanliness when using the product.

    It is worth noting that although the sliding support plate is strong and durable, it should also be used within the range of acceptable tension. In particular, do not pull too many goods for convenience and convenience, so as not to cause product deformation or damage and affect the normal use in the later stage. You should know that paying more attention to the maintenance of the product can greatly prolong its service life.